Krishna Engineering Works, a leading fully automatic core cutter machine manufacturer, automatic core cutter machine exporter from last 25 years in India. Designed and built to use per your requirement in Parent Core Length Range, Core Diameter Range, Wall Thickness, Cut Length Range, Maximum Length and Cut Length Tolerance. Specially designed with featuring Electrical System Controls, Stroke Limit, Large Core Diameter with accuracy and speed. Fully automatic machine built for a Fast, precise, and accurate cut with the smallest piece possible or per requirements.

Fully Automatic Core Cutter Machine

Fully Automatic Core Cutter Machine

Technical Information

  • Maximum width of cut : 450mm
  • Minimum width of cut : 12mm
  • Paper core inside diameter : 76mm
  • Paper core thickness : 12mm
  • Round Blade Diameter : 150mm
  • Electric Motor : ½ H.P. A.C

Standard Features

  • Converters are in constant need of different type of cores according to the size of prints or slitted material.
  • KEW Make Core Cutting Machine Serves this purpose
  • Compact body, easily movable, safety guards for cutter & movable parts
  • Drive chrome plated spindle, maximum length 400 mm
  • Maintenance & hassle free, easy cantilevered operation, perfect cut Edges
  • Single knife speedy production


  • Fully Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Manual (Heavy & Light)
  • Core Cutter Machine is used in cut of paper
  • Core in different sizes like 12mm. To 1200mm
  • Core O.D. 1″, 3″, 6″, 8″

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